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24/7 Monitoring

Know the status of your business 24/7 365 and focus on uptime.

We will track the leading indicators in your infrastructure including device uptime, network connectivity, CPU utilization, drive capacity and server availability, so you can rest assured that if an issue arises, you will get the notifications you need to run your business effectively. Combined with 24x7x365 support, you can reduce valuable time spent on monitoring your own systems, which frees up resources for more important tasks.

Proactive Protection
Our goal is to ensure that your environment is running 24×7. We take uptime seriously and are dedicated to maintaining availability of your infrastructure.

Real-time Visibility
Our performance monitoring systems provide you the real-time visibility to resource utilization statistics so you can make informed decisions and proactively predict the impact of your applications.

Low System Overhead
Our Monitoring Managed Service does not require a software agent to be installed on your machines, freeing up memory, CPU and storage space for more important items.

Always-on Alerting
Have peace-of-mind with our always-on alerting. Your environment is being watched around the clock to create greater staff productivity.

Alert Dashboard
You’ll have real-time general and deep-dive access to vital infrastructure data on one useful dashboard, as well as historical data, that can help predict future needs.