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Backup and Recovery

Backup Strategy
A good backup system is crucial in a business environment. Don't let a hardware failure set you back or possibly put you out of business. Take the proper precautions and set up a redundancy and backup system to protect all of your critical applications and data. Having a well planned backup strategy is the most effective way to protect your vital data from prohibited modification, destruction, or disclosure of vital information.

Integrity Testing
Our experienced engineers test and confirm that all backups have been performed accurately and that your data is fully secured. Your network's most important functions will be carried out correctly and data will be protected from misuse by others or malfunction crashing. Backups which experience any problems are immediately repaired and re-tested. We employ enterprise software technicians to properly manage centralized data storage activities.

Data Recovery
In the event of accidental file deletions or corruptions, we will work with you to quickly and effectively recover any lost files or important information. With the implementation and continuous testing and monitoring of our backup strategy, we will be able to ensure important information will not go missing again.